Our Promise to Protect Your Privacy

At Best Centered Care Agency, Inc., your privacy is our topmost priority. Our privacy policy ensures the protection of your personal information and maintains its confidentiality.

Privacy Regulations at Best Centered Care Agency, Inc

As a home health care provider, our privacy policies adhere to the privacy legislation in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Your Health Record

Your health record, a vital part of our in-home health care, personal support worker services and nursing services, includes your birthdate, contact information, health and family health history, record of visits, results from tests and procedures, and data from other health care providers. While we hold your health record, the information is your property. You have the right, with limited exceptions, to access your health information in our possession.

Accessing and Correcting
Your Record

You can request a copy of your health record. A copy will be provided at a reasonable fee. If you find any discrepancies in the recorded information, we will make the necessary changes or attach a statement of disagreement from you to your record.


At Best Centered Care Agency, Inc., safeguarding your privacy is paramount. We take rigorous measures to ensure that individuals performing services on behalf of Best Centered Care Agency, Inc. uphold your privacy rights, utilizing and disclosing your personal health information only for authorized purposes.

Purpose of Information Collection

We collect, use, and disclose your health information to:

  • Provide exceptional care tailored to your needs
  • Offer timely care reminders
  • Coordinate your care seamlessly with other healthcare providers through electronic health information systems like Ontario Health Teams
  • Evaluate, monitor, and enhance the services we provide
  • Conduct research, quality improvement activities, and statistical analyses
  • Educate our staff and students
  • Respond to or initiate proceedings
  • Keep you informed about upcoming events, activities, and programs
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law

It's Your Choice

Where your consent is necessary for any collection, use, or disclosure of your personal health information, you retain the right to withdraw or withhold consent by contacting us. You have the right to request not to share some or all of your health records with specific team members or external health care providers. This is known as requesting a "lockbox."

Information Collected

When you visit our websites, we do not capture your email address or any personally identifiable information unless volunteered in controlled-access areas. For mobile application users, we may collect names, usernames, email addresses, and other digital contact information to improve website and app content, provide technical support, customize website layouts, and notify users about updates.


Where applicable, we will obtain your express consent before sending you information, including through commercial electronic messages. You have the freedom to unsubscribe at any. We may still contact you for other essential purposes, including providing newsletters or other communications you've consented to receive, addressing questions, or updating you about the services we offer.

Transfers and Disclosures of Personal Information

We commit to not disclosing personal information to external organizations unless we have informed the client through disclosures or agreements, obtained client authorization, or are obligated by law to do so. Additionally, personal information may be disclosed in the event of corporate amalgamation, reorganization, change of control, or sale.

Third Party Collaborations

To enhance our services, we may engage third-party service providers, such as financial institutions for payment processing or satisfaction survey providers (optional). When Best Centered Care Agency, Inc. collaborates with external organizations for support services, they are held to our stringent privacy standards, and we retain the right to audit them for compliance.

Security and Retention

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your personal information, taking every reasonable measure to ensure its protection. Employing a combination of organizational, technological, and physical safeguards, we secure personal information within our custody or control.

Secure Storage

Our security measures encompass secure on- and off-site storage, restricted access to records and data processing equipment, password protocols, and robust encryption and security software. To ensure adherence to our privacy practices, we conduct audits and closely monitor compliance.

Limited Access

Access to personal health information is strictly limited to employees or agents directly involved in healthcare provision or support. Violations of our Privacy Commitment are subject to our standard performance management process.

Retention Policy

We retain personal health information only for the duration necessary for the purpose it was collected. Upon the completion of this timeframe, we responsibly destroy, erase, or de-identify the information. Legal requirements may necessitate the retention of some or all personal information for a period longer than initially intended.

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