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Accessibility Commitment and Customer Service Standard

At Best Centered Care, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Aligned with our vision to honour the human face of health care, we present our accessibility commitment and customer service standards.

Our Principles

Our commitment assures our valued clients and customers that we, as responsible health care professionals, adhere to the following principles:

Assistive Devices and Alternative Measures

We accommodate the use of assistive devices or alternative measures to ensure accessibility to our goods and services.

Consideration for Disabilities

We take a person's disability into account when communicating and fostering an inclusive and respectful environment.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in areas open to the public, and we provide alternative measures where required by law.

Support Persons

Individuals with disabilities are welcomed with their support persons, with applicable notice of any associated fees.

Notice of Disruptions

We will promptly inform the public of any temporary disruptions in access, providing details and alternative options.

Feedback Process

A documented process is in place to receive and respond to feedback regarding our services to individuals with disabilities.

Training for Staff and Suppliers

Our staff, healthcare service providers, and third-party suppliers are trained in current policies and procedures for serving individuals with disabilities.

Accessible Information

Documents are made available in formats that consider individuals' disabilities upon request.

Get in Touch

We value your feedback on our accessibility commitment and customer service standards. For questions, issues, compliments, or complaints, please contact us through the methods provided below. Your input is vital to our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

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